This is a curated list of podcasts, talks, and blogs posts that offer inspiring stories and career advice from a faith-based perspective.

Top Picks

self reliance manuals

Don't let the simpleness of the self-reliance program at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints detour you from enrolling. The classes are life-changing.

"You can have a better life, and God will help you"

byu speeches

Getting a new job is one of the top five stressors for adults. I think this BYU Devotional by Jack N. Gerard is an excellent guidepost for how to reflect on circumstances and prepare for change.

"Every day seemed to be an act of faith as we tried to stay true to our commitment while wading through the murky waters of life."

~Jack N. Gerard

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In this BYU Idaho Devotional, Henry J. Eyring shares some earlier bumps in his career path, details on how he got straightened out, and advice for helping you figure out the road you should take.

“What will I do in life to provide for and serve those I love?”

~Henry J. Eyring

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You don't have to be a college student to learn from Justin Hodges's talk on “Becoming Mighty Oaks.” He shares how important it is 

to be able to communicate and know your God-given talents.

"What skills and abilities do you have, and how do they apply to the workplace." 

~Justin Hodges

byu speeches

Carrie Roberts talks about how the choices you make in life determine where you want to go and only you can decide to change the the things that aren't working.

"In order to get what you want in life, you have to first know what you want."

~Carrie Roberts

Additional Resources

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  • "Finding Your Purpose" - Anything by Jody Moore is worth listening to, but this episode speaks to the empty-nesters who don't know what to do with themselves after the kids are all gone.
  • BYU Marriott School of Business Convocation - Ryan Smith, Qualtrics CEO and Co-Founder shares the most important lesson he's learned: "Be all in."
  • Decisions Determine Destiny - If you want a good kick, please listen to this 1979 talk given by then Elder Thomas S. Monson in which he shares guidance on how to pick the right field of study and your "life's work." I am particularly referring to the statement, "I believe it should be a field that will challenge your intellect and a field that will make maximum utilization of your talents and capabilities;..."

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