Get the SIMPLE RESUME FORMAT that works for both SEO and humans.

When it comes to job searching, you don't need a fancy resume with decorative fonts and graphics. Most resumes will be uploaded or scanned into an online database anyway. All you need is a format that is easy to update and built to deliver search results while still being easy to read.

woman handing a resume

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Editable Microsoft Word Template

Download this Word Document to edit your resume on a computer or cut and paste it into a Google Doc or another word processing program. The format is simple--focus on the content rather than the fonts and specific layout.

View Only PDF Template

Download this PDF template to see what the basic resume format looks like and to see additional tips and tricks for making it work.

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Get the guide specifically created to help stay-at-home moms re-enter the workforce.

Learn how to cover the gap on your resume, network to find the better jobs, and answer interview questions with confidence.


Guidebook for returning to work