Celebrating the Launch!

When I interview guests on the Faithful Career Moves podcast, I select people who are making good money in a job or business model that others could follow, have been doing it for at least three years, and believe they are doing what they have been called to do. Most importantly, guests must be willing and able to answer the question, "How have you seen the Lord's hand in your career?"

Thankfully, I have no problem finding people who meet (and exceed) those requirements, but I also come across a good many more who are just now launching.

Below is a list of rising stars I expect to interview one day because they too have found their calling in life and have seen the hand of God directing them there.

Michele Portlock launched this website and podcast to help parents maneuver the challenges that come with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Kristy Stout and Angela Larkin created this podcast and newsletter to create a community of people who seek the best truths by study and by faith.

A certified nutrition coach, Jill Thompson created a website and social media accounts to help women change the way they look and feel one habit at a time.