Can You Get My Kid Off Video Games?

No, but we can find out why your child is good at video games and identify ways to apply those same talents to real-life opportunities.

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They Were Born for This

At Faithful Career Moves, we believe that today's youth were saved for these latter days. They came wired for technology—their brains comprehend it, their attention spans adapt to each platform, their thumbs are adept, their minds are quick, and they have developed multiple new ways of communicating through a variety of tools.

The problem is, all we do is criticize this generation for embracing the world they inherited. We want them to live like we did, but that world no longer exists.

So, no. We can't get your kid off of video games--and we won't even try. But we will help your child understand that the strengths they use to play video games can be applied to educational and career opportunities as well.

How This Works


Identify Your Strengths

Through the StrengthsFinder® assessment and informal interviews, we identify and understand your child's natural powers and potential for excellence.


Turn Your Insights Into Action

Based on those strengths, we create a custom plan with the steps needed to find education and career options, plus feel more successful in life.


Move Toward Your Life Goals

With a plan in place, we keep your child moving toward the career they were born to do plus look for ways to change how they see themselves, improve their interactions with others, and recognize divine guidance.


I learned that I have a strength for being adaptable. I use that strength when I'm playing video games because I constantly have to adapt to what is going on in the game. Now I know that's a skill I will use in my career as well.


Why Take the StrengthsFinder® Assessment?

Have you ever heard the phrase, "it's hard to read the label from inside the bottle?" 

Well that's what happens with our natural talents and abilities. We often discount our strengths because they come so easy to us that we don't recognize their power. Through this formal assessment and informal interviews, you'll be able to name your strengths, claim their value in your life, and aim them towards your future goals. It's pretty cool.


Please DO NOT SIGN UP for this service if you just want us to get your kid off video games. That's not our goal. Our goal is to help your child understand that the skills they use to play video games can be applied to educational and career opportunities as well.

What Would This Normally Cost?

Gallup® charges $295 for a single 60-minute coaching session plus $19.99 for the StrengthsFinder® Assessment. Five sessions is a total investment of $1495.

...but you don't have to pay that.

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Must use all five sessions within a year of purchase.


Please DO NOT SIGN UP for this service if you are hoping I will just convince your child that video games are a black hole, a colossal waste of time, and one of Satan's best tools for derailing our youth. I agree with you on all of those things. But these kids were saved for this day, so that means they were born for this environment too.


At one point in my life, I had three video gamers living with me. One turned to video games as a first or second-choice activity. The other two only played when they were bored and couldn't find friends to hang out with in person. But they all spent too many hours (in my opinion) yelling at the screen and doing something that felt pretty meaningless to me (at the time.)


After becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I started to look at video games through the lens of it being another way people utilize their strengths. From this viewpoint, I noticed that people play video games differently and for different reasons.

Some gamers are strategists who constantly shout orders to the other players. They see how to win and want everyone in the game to do their part to ensure a victory. Some gamers are comedians who spend more time cracking jokes than trying to win. They won't play unless their friends are in the game and there is a lot of chatter in the room. Others look for hiding places so they can lay low while the rest of the players do the bulk of the work, and so forth.

When I stopped being critical of the activity as a whole and started to view the players as people accessing their strengths, I realized that the people who play more than others must be getting a bigger payout from the experience. My son who chooses video games over other activities gets an increase of energy from playing. My son who would rather be out with friends in person, feels depleted if he plays for an extended period of time. It's not that one is more disciplined than the other, it's just that they have different strengths and video games hits a nerve for one that doesn't do it for the other.

So the real question is, why does YOUR child play video games?


With a newfound understanding of the gaming experience, I asked my own kids how they use their strengths to play. Then we talked about how those same talents could be applied to their schooling, current jobs, and career prospects. And funny enough, when my most dedicated gamer disappeared from the conversation to join a game with friends, I didn't get so annoyed. 

I may never be a gamer, but now I understand why he is.

~ Shelley Hunter, Founder

Shelley Hunter is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Gallup Certification

Her Top 5 Strengths are: Achiever, Relator, Individualization, Responsibility, Connectedness

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