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Faith-based Career Coaching

Identify Your Strengths

Unlock your potential by discovering your natural talents and abilities.

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Together, we will craft a career plan tailored to your strengths and aspirations.

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Faith-based approach

Life is Too Short

for a Job You Don't Love

At Faithful Career Moves, we know that you want a fulfilling career. In order to have that, you need to use your God-given strengths. The problem is, you don’t know what your strengths are and how they match up with job descriptions and business ideas, leaving you feeling like you'll never find a career you love.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With faith-based career coaching, we identify your strengths and create a custom plan to help you find the career you were born to do.

How This Works


Identify Your Skills

Through the coaching style of your choice, we help you identify the things you excel at, are naturally good at, and are driven to do.


Turn Your Insights Into Action

Based on your strengths, interests, and aspirations, we create a custom career plan with the steps needed to find your ideal job.


Get the Career of Your Dreams

With a plan in place, we keep you moving toward the career you were born to do--because that's what we were born to do.

Re-entering the workforce after raising children.

"I am so grateful to Shelley for helping me restructure my resume after taking a break from my career to raise my children. She helped me highlight experiences and skills that were transferable to my professional role and ultimately led to my re-entry into the workforce."

Elizabeth Brathwaite

Social Worker and

School Counselor


Meet Shelley Hunter

Faith-based Career Coach

You don't have to be religious or share my faith to find value here. The career advice you'll find on this site can apply to anyone. But having lived with the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and without, I know the difference that divine direction can make in all things, and specifically in something as important as a career.

This website offers a combination of career and spiritual guidance because I can no longer separate the two.

Learn more about Shelley.

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We Help People Identify Strengths and Unlock Career Potential

What is the COST of NOT using your STRENGTHS?

Your strengths are your natural, God-given abilities. Whether you know it or not, you use your strengths in all aspects of your life. They create the lens through which you see yourself and others.

Knowing and developing your strengths can help you be more successful in life and in your career. Misapplied strengths can be a hinderance.

Most importantly, NOT using your strengths will leave you feeling depleted.

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Shelley Hunter is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Gallup Certification

Her Top 5 Strengths are: Achiever, Relator, Individualization, Responsibility, Connectedness

Want to know what your strengths are?